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 Sky & Freesat dish Installation
We can supply and fit a dish from £75(or your own if you have one from £45) for all your sky and freesat needs and install your set top box Just call Alan on

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Fitting Repairing and Maintenance Satellite TV Systems
Freesat was developed so that there could be a more intensive coverage for the United Kingdom. It will allow the vast majority of all properties in the UK able to receive the satellite signal. This will be excellent for those households who are currently unable to receive the current Freeview signal. Those households unable to receive Freeview will now benefit from a much faster digital text and interactivity and also to receive world news, local news and the possibility of watching live sports. All this will be possible with Freesat.
You can also have the use of the built in satellite TV program guide. This will enable you to plan your viewing for the next seven days! You will know in advance when your favourite programes are being aired. For those with heating difficulties you will also have the benefit of digital subtitles and audio description will also be made available.
Once again this system is offered to you with no subscriptions or contract charges. You can benefit from watching in the region of 140 channels and also having the benefit of the radio available to you as well. There will be in the region of 200 channels available throughout 2010. The offer of Freesat is an alternative to either Sky or Freeview TV for the future. The only difference between this and the Sky Freesat system is that you will not need a card to access the free channels and the BBC have announced that this satellite service will be free forever. And all you need to get started is a satellite dish installed by Alans aerials.

The great thing about Freesat installations is the fact that there are no monthly payments or and subscription to pay. You will receive the benefits of High Definition television with a vast range of channels and there is nothing to pay, it is all completely free.
The benefits you receive from High Definition are not just the vastly improve digital picture quality but you also will receive improved audio with the possibility that some programes being available in Dolby Digital surround sound which will make your viewing that much better. With a HD television and a HD Freesat satellite receiver you will receive the superior quality of High Definition pictures which are much clearer and the colours are more defined and all round a better quality of picture and colour.
01642 473608 for same/next day satellite dish installation
You can benefit from all of this once you make the choice to have Freesat satellite TV installed. This is where i can help you, you can buy which system best suits your needs and what channels you wish to receive and remember there is no monthly subscription. Your only cost will be the equipment that you buy to have installed by me and the dish installation.
Remember this is the only outlay you will have, the rest is FREE no monthly subscriptions or contract.
Don't forget, the benefits of Freesat+ installations are for the benefit of the whole family. You can record, pause and replay all of your favourite TV programes at any time to suit your family's needs.

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